On our way to Andorra

View from our hotel room

Sant Romá de Les Bons - church ruin from the year 1164

View from the mountains in Andorra - "Rutas de Ciclista"

Small break for lunch in one of the road curves

Altitude 1531 meters - still 300 meters to the top

Fresh Mountain water ;-)

Sculpter by Salvador Dali in Andorra La Vella

The beach at Castelldefels - just outside Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Inside La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia from another angel

View from the Telecommunication tower on Tibadabo - the highest mountain in Barcelona

Church: Sagrada Cor on Tibidabo

Telecomminication tower Torre de la Collserola

Cathedral in Valencia

Fountain in Malaga - at the Harbour

Al Hambra in Granada

Fortress of Al Hambra

La Hambra seen from the summer palace

One of the beautiful gardens

Lene & Al Hambra

Søren & Al Hambra

The Gibraltar Rock - seen from Spain

Janne at Europa Point

Orange Bastion

Gate at Orange Bastion

Small waterfall

Saint Michaels caves

Road to Gibraltar and Airport apron crossing ;-)

Moorish Castle

View from Moorish Castle

Mijas - Donkey sculpture

Dia del Tourismo - Flamingo dancers at the square

Virgen de la Peña

Inside the Chapel

View towards Fuengirola

Donkeys - one of Mijas most famous attributes

- although there are more horse carriages than donkeys to day :-(

Søren in front of the bull ring

Small street in Mijas

Meeting with Janne & Christian in Mijas

Puerta del Pardon - the entrance to the cathedral in Cordoba

La Mezquita - the old mosque with the cathedral inside...

Inside the old Mosque arches can still be seen

Plan of the church/mosque area

Access to our hotel in Sevilla

One of the beautiful patios in the hotel

The Cathedral of Sevilla is also built in an old Mosque

Access to the tower is a ramp with 35 turns...

Tower of the Cathedral in Sevilla

Entrance to the castle in Sevilla

Inside the Castle

On the way to Salamanca

Lene in front of Salamanca Catheral

Salamanca - Plaza Mayor

Roman bridge with the Cathedral

The Cathedral and old Watermill

Church in Salamanca - looks more like a fortress?!

Burgos - the Cathedral

Model of the Cathedral in Burgos

Cathedral - Escalera Dorado (the golden stairs)

Now we are in Betanzos and it is Matias' birthday

Matias with his new scooter (birthday present)

Miriam taking care of a horse

- and here on a horse - she really likes it

Miriam & Matias

"Festa do Mosto" - the grapes are ready to be made into wine ;-)

They also made a small one, so the children could try how it felt ;-)

Matias & "farfar"

Miriam & "farfar"

A dammed lake between Betanzos and La Coruña

The dam

Matias & Miriam

On the way to Madrid

Approaching Madrid


Miguel de Cervantes in Toledo

Old Roman bridge in Toledo

Toledo Castle

Toledo seen from the other side of Rio Tajo

We took a trip with this small "train"

Palacio Real in Madrid

Plaza de Oriente in Madrid

Søren between 2 ancient kings ;-)

Plaza de Armeria in front of Palacio Real

Plaza Mayor in Madrid

"The Bear and the strawberry tree" in Plaza de La Puerta del Sol

Finally - Starbucks Coffee ;-)

Human sculptur in Madrid

I september 2011 var Søren og jeg på en "Vuelta de Espana" - her er lidt indtryk fra turen 🙂

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